Phil Barker - Personal Trainer


Former Evening Gazette Chief Reporter Angus Hoy started running in 2003 after entering the Great North Run 'by accident'.

He and Phil worked together on promoting the Tees Pride Middlesbrough 10k through the pages of the Gazette, and in 2005 Angus asked Phil to help him break through the magic 1hr 30min barrier at the following year's Redcar Half Marathon.

Angus says: "Phil's a hard taskmaster, but he knows better than anyone that you only get out what you put in.

"He set me a demanding 16-week schedule, but the benefits were apparent within a very short space of time.

"I've never felt as confident at the start of a race, and on a bitterly cold day I sailed round the Redcar course in 1hr 26mins - exactly what I'd asked for and a little bit to spare.

"Now if I'd only done everything he told me to do..."


If you are not a runner and want to take part in a running event or, indeed, if you are a runner and are looking to improve your best time for a given distance, mile to marathon, the Evening Gazette ‘Running Guru' Phil Barker is on hand to help.

If you feel that the help and support of a ‘Personal Trainer' would aid you in your goal, why not speak to him.

Phil has over 48 years running experience, winning over 300 races on the road, track and cross-country. In 2005 he was given the challenge of preparing an Evening Gazette reporter, who by his own admission, had done no physical exercise since his school days. After just 14 weeks training Gareth Lightfoot completed the Tees Pride 10K in 49 minutes.38 seconds.

In 2006 a second reporter was persuaded to take up the challenge, Joanne Emmerson, a trampoline coach in her spare time, completed the Tees Pride 10K in 57 minutes 15 seconds, again off a 14-week training schedule.

The 2007 guinea pig was reporter, Will Sutton. Unfortunately, Will left the Gazette to join Army on an officer's course at Sandhust Military Collage. In the short time Phil coached him, he reduced his Sandhurst Fit Tech time for 1.5 miles by almost a minute.

If you need advice on running, injuries, diet, running shoes and running apparel, or any other issue related to the sport, why not contact Phil Barker

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